Press Release – For Immediate Release

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pakistan American Association of Texas announces the process and timeline for 2014 -16 elections as outlined in Association’s constitution and Bye Laws. According to PAAT’s President, PAAT is setting a precedence where election schedule follows the procedure and timeline set in its constitution. Detailed election process, candidature requirements, nominations and election committee mandate and responsibilities will be announced in separate communiques and media Releases

  1. PAAT elections will be held on Sunday 5th October, as per constitution elections should be held on first weekend of October
  2. The new membership or voter registration for the election will close on 21st of September – As per rules, two weeks before elections
  3. The nominations for PAAT Executive Committee and half of the board positions will open on first of September
  4. The nominations for PAAT Executive Committee and board positions will close on 10th of September
  5. A nomination committee has been setup which includes following individuals
      1. Mr. Syed Fayyaz Hassan – Chair.
      2. Barrister Tauseef Kamal
      3. Mr. Khaliq Khan
      4. Mrs. Lubna Khursheed
      5. Mr. Shah Alam

6. Nomination Committee will scrutinize the slates and candidates, and will facilitate the contesting slates with information and voter access

7. Nomination Committee will appoint Election Committee by 21st of September

8. The executive committee of PAAT has transferred all executive authority to the nomination committee for the purpose of election processing


For media enquiries, please contact

Syed Fayyaz Hassan at 682 429 9954, or




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Pakistan American Association of Texas (PAAT) is a community representative organization of Texans of Pakistani descent. PAAT is a grass root membership association. The Association is governed through democratic processes. Our strength is in diversity of our membership for Pakistanis from all faith, sects, sex, region, languages and culture. PAAT is an equal opportunity organization. We believe that a complete transparency in our functioning, a well thought out rules and procedures, and an agreed upon constitution, will lead into community harmony as well as a good image of our community. A high level of political engagement, raising political and sociological consciousness will be achieved through education and public participation. PAAT will provide social programs through enhanced level of community activism and leadership development. Typical PAAT community development programs includes but not limited to, healthcare, education, urdu language classes, computer learning classes, job assistance programs, scholarships, counseling, Independence day celebrations and a series of community relations programs